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Alibi 3.0 Megapixel 260' IR IP Outdoor Bullet Security Camera ALI-IPU3230R


Features Advanced Infrared Technology for enhanced low light performance

  • Produces up to 3.0 megapixel resolution at 20 fps, 1080p resolution at 30 fps
  • Integrated single IR LED enables the camera to see up to 260′ in the dark
  • This camera features Advanced Infrared Technology, which includes:
    • Smart IR to reduce over-exposure of the IR LEDs at the center of the image
    • Full Frame Illumination to produce a wider illumination spread and reduce video noise, while reducing bandwidth consumption
  • D-WDR and 3D-DNR enhance image quality in variable and low-light conditions
  • PoE (802.3af)
  • IP66 weather-rated enclosure provides all-weather protection
  • Free Alibi Witness iOS/Android mobile app
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant
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    The ALI-IPU3230R Alibi 3.0 Megapixel 260′ IR IP Outdoor Bullet Security Camera provides a cost-effective IP security solution for monitoring your home or business.

    The high-resolution IP camera features a 1/3″ CMOS progressive-scan image sensor that delivers up to 3.0 megapixel resolution at 20 frames per second (fps), or 1080p full-HD resolution at 30 frames per second (fps).

    The 3.0 megapixel IP security camera features a single integrated IR LED that enables the camera to see up to 260′ in the dark. The camera features Advanced Infrared Technology, which includes Smart IR and Full Frame Illumination.

    Smart IR reduces over-exposure of the IR LED at the center of the image without washing out the subject at close range. Black glass on the lens hides the IR LED from view when the IR is not turned on.

    Full Frame Illumination (FFI), sometimes referred to as EX-IR, delivers a wider illumination spread and offers several advantages over standard IR technology, including:

    • Produces clearer, brighter images in low light and at night
    • Delivers a wider illumination spread
    • Unique rectangular IR LED design produces a uniformly illuminated image across the entire screen
    • Reduces overexposure at the center of the image and eliminates hot spots
    • Eliminates blooming from lights by reducing ambient light pollution
    • Reduces video noise for a clearer nighttime image, along with reducing bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements
    • Delivers 30% greater energy efficiency

    The megapixel IP bullet camera features true day/night (ICR) which captures sharp, detailed color images during the day and black and white images in low light. Wide dynamic range (WDR) and 3D digital noise reduction (3D-DNR) produce exceptional image quality with less noise in variable and low light conditions.

    The camera’s IP66 weather-rated enclosure provides protection from particles such as dust and sand, as well as harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow.

    The megapixel IP camera can be powered via 802.3af PoE or 12 Vdc power supply, and is ONVIF Profile S compliant for greater device compatibility.

    The free Alibi Witness mobile app enables you to view your live and recorded video remotely—from anywhere, from your Android or iOS mobile device.

    Peace-of-Mind, Guaranteed!

    All Alibi purchases are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlimited US-based technical support, and our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty.

    What is an Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty?

    Our Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty covers your entire purchase, with no asterisks and no exceptions! The warranty covers all Alibi camera and recorder hardware and components, and pre-installed hard drives. If you have an issue, we provide unlimited technical support – and manage all returns and exchanges directly, minimizing unnecessary downtime.

    What’s Covered by the Warranty?

    • DVRS:  physical recorders, components, fans, and pre-installed hard drives
    • Cameras:  imagers, components, built-in IR illuminators, and housings
    • PTZ Cameras:  imagers, components, pan/tilt motors, and housings
    • All Technologies:  analog, HD-TVI, and IP

    Learn more about the Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty

     What’s Included:

    • (1) Alibi 3.0 megapixel 260′ IR outdoor bullet security camera
    • (1) Junction box
    • (1) Double gang adapter plate
    • (1) Mounting template
    • (1) Quickstart guide
    • (1) CD-ROM (installation tools and instructions)

    Key Features and Capabilities:

    Megapixel Resolution – Cover more area and see more detail. Megapixel cameras can cover a larger area without compromising image quality. Megapixel resolution cameras deliver high-definition images with much greater detail. They are ideal where a greater level of detail is needed, such as for facial recognition and license plate identification.

    Smart IR – Captures clear, sharp images in low light. Smart IR (smart infrared) automatically adjusts the amount of infrared light used to illuminate a scene as the subject moves closer to or further away from the camera, resulting in optimal exposure and a sharp, clear image that is neither washed out or too dark.

    Full Frame Illumination – Illuminates more area. Full Frame Illumination (FFI), sometimes referred to as EX-IR, delivers a wider IR illumination spread and produces a brighter, clearer picture in low light and at night – without hot spots. FFI reduces video noise, for a clearer image, along with reducing bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements.

    Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR) – Gain a clear view in diverse lighting conditions. This feature enables the camera to produce clearer images in less than ideal lighting conditions. D-WDR balances the contrast of light and shadow to improve visibility in dark areas within a scene.

    3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) Get exceptional video image quality with less noise. 3D-DNR incorporates frame-to-frame noise reduction with spatial noise reduction to produce clear video images with less noise, in low light conditions. Noise reduction is critical for video because noise affects image quality. Cameras with 3D-DNR produce sharper, more accurate video images.

    True Day/Night (ICR) – Enjoy around-the-clock surveillance. Our day/night cameras with true day/night (ICR) deliver a sharp image in low light and nighttime conditions. An IR cut filter blocks out infrared light to produce true-to-life color images during the daytime. In low light conditions and at night, the filter is removed, letting infrared light pass through to provide crisp, well-defined black and white images.

    Free Alibi Witness iOS/Android App – View your video remotely from anywhere. Enjoy convenient remote access from your iOS or Android device with a FREE app.

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Receive power and data through a single cable. PoE allows IP (internet protocol) devices to receive power and data over existing LAN (local area network) cabling. This eliminates the need to install a separate power cable, simplifies installation, and lowers cabling costs.

    ONVIF Profile S Compliant – Enjoy greater compatibility with more devices. This product conforms to ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) specifications for IP-based security products. ONVIF defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between different network video devices from different manufacturers, to allow greater interoperability in multi-vendor network video systems.

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